Use Image Search to Find your Next Fabrics 

At SwatchOn, we’re always looking for ways to improve upon traditional fabric sourcing. That’s why we created Image Search: Just click the camera icon in SwatchOn's search bar, upload a photo that inspires you, and our system visually matches with fabrics across our 200,000 SKUs.

It’s a totally new way to search for fabrics!

Quick Link: When logged in to SwatchOn, try out Image Search here


How does Image Search work?

Our tech does the work for you! 😎 We use Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to match with fabrics in real-time: Once you upload a photo, Image Search automatically looks for specific details in your photo – like colors, textures, patterns, lighting – and shows you all the fabrics on SwatchOn that could work.

Match by Color: If you’re looking for a specific color of fabric, upload an image with that color, and Image Search will find it.


Match by Texture: Find an interesting surface or characteristic you’d like to mimic? Upload a photo of it and see what fabrics Image Search finds.


Match by Details: Look for patterns, light effects, unique features in photos – upload and see the results.



Create a Moodboard with Image Search 

A great use of this tool is in creating Moodboards on SwatchOn. Just like you create a real-life Moodboards to collect inspirational imagery, textures, colors, fabrics, you can do the same on SwatchOn. Upload photos, name your Moodboard, add a color palette, and discover fabrics that work! 


And if you want, you can then add that Moodboard to one of your Collections. See? It's a better way to search, discover, and create!

Quick Link: When logged in to SwatchOn, make a Moodboard here