Reordering and fabric availability


Fabric products will be available for re-order in the future most of the time, as we only carry styles that our suppliers produce regularly.


We know how important it is to know that the fabrics your order can be reordered and/or reproduced if they go out of stock. The better your collections perform, the more yardage you will need in that exact same fabric!

That’s why we show whether a fabric can be reproduced if it goes out of stock; and the requirements triggered for reproduction. We want to be a totally reliable fabric sourcing platform for you and your successful brand. 

How do I know if a fabric can be reproduced?

If a fabric can be reproduced, it’s indicated under the MOQ tab on the individual fabric quality (QL) page. Here, you will find the Minimum Order Quantity for production, and the Lead Time to produce.


In the example shown:

  • MOQ is 100 yards: This means you need to order at minimum of 100 yards to trigger reproduction.
  • Lead Time is 10 days: This means it will take 10 days to produce the yardage at the mill, once the reorder is processed. 

Is there a standard timeline for reproducing a fabric?

Every fabric has a different MOQ and Lead Time requirement, as we work with over 750 different fabric suppliers, and each mill has a different process. Check the fabric quality (QL) page to find out.


Does pricing differ when you reproduce a fabric?

No. The price of a fabric is always updated on our platform, so you know how much it will cost to reproduce if a fabric shows it’s out of stock. 


Do fabrics ever go out of stock permanently?

It’s rare, but this can happen, since we’re working with over 750 fabric suppliers and mills. 


Can I find a “replacement” fabric when one is out of stock?

Sometimes, if a fabric is out of stock and the immediate MOQ is too high for the customer to meet, we will find replacement fabrics from different suppliers that are similar, if not identical. Please reach out to if you need a replacement fabric and/or cannot meet the reproduction MOQ.