Do you offer Net Payments?

Yes, we are excited to finally launch flexible payment options, including Net Payment terms, to provide you with better cash flow control. You can apply HERE.



How it Works

  1. Enroll as a Net Terms Customer: Apply for net terms with Resolve in just 3 minutes and get eligibility results within 24 hours.
  2. Choose Net Terms at Checkout: After enrollment, place your order as usual and select the Net Terms payment option at checkout.
  3. Pay When Due: You’ll receive a net terms invoice once your order ships. Simply pay by the due date.



  • What are the advantages of using net terms payments?
    Using net terms payments offers the flexibility to purchase fabric now and pay for it in 30+ days. This system not only improves your cash flow but also allows for greater financial control, enabling you to pay for fabrics according to your business's financial schedule.

  • What is Resolve?
    Resolve is our payment partner that provides B2B payment solutions in the US.

  • Who is eligible for net terms?
    As SwatchOn is a B2B marketplace, we only offer net terms to businesses.
    To be eligible for net terms payment during checkout, you must be:
  • How do I enroll as a net terms customer?
    Enrolling as a net terms customer is a quick and easy process that takes just about 3 minutes. You need to apply for net terms payments with Resolve, our payment partner. In the application, Resolve will request documents to confirm your business ownership.Once approved, you’ll have the option to pay using net terms during checkout on SwatchOn.

    When you apply for net terms, ensure that:
    • Your company information is accurate (without typos)
    • You use the email address associated with your SwatchOn account
    • Inaccuracies in your company information (e.g. typos in the company name) may result in your net terms application being declined by Resolve.

  • Does using Resolve affect my credit score?
    Resolve may run a soft pull on your credit report when you apply for net terms or when you use their services. This action will not impact your credit score.

  • I've applied for net terms. When will I know if I'm approved?
    Resolve will review your application and determine your eligibility within 24 hours.

  • What if my application is declined?
    No worries! If you have maintained a solid and ongoing business with SwatchOn, we are here to assist you. To support your case, we can provide a recommendation letter highlighting your reliable business history with us and have Resolve reconsider your application. If you want a recommendation letter from us, send us an email to let us know!

  • Which payment methods are accepted by Resolve?
    Resolve accepts payments via check, ACH, and credit card. Additional fees may apply when paying with a credit card. Learn more here.

  • Can I use net terms if I'm located outside the US?
    For non-US customers, the option to choose net terms at checkout will be available later this year. If you're placing a bulk order outside the US and require net terms immediately, please contact your sourcing manager for assistance.