What Incoterms should I choose?

Not sure which Incoterms to select for your order? Here's a simple guide to help you decide.


The available Incoterms vary depending on your destination country and shipping method. To see what options are available for your country, click "here."



FOB (Free On Board) 

  • SwatchOn covers costs until goods are loaded onto the ship at your designated port of the departing country.
  • After loading, you’re responsible for freight, shipping costs, and import fees to the final destination.


DAP (Delivered at Place)

  • We handle shipping to your location.
  • You are responsible for import duties and taxes.


DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

  • We handle shipping to your location.
  • With our 'Prepaid Import Fee Service,' all costs and duties are included in your purchase price. There will be no additional charges upon arrival, and it makes customs clearance faster and smoother.
  • Applicable for the US orders, only.