How Much Do I Need to Order? A Guide to Our MOQs

Sample MOQ:

  • Sample MOQ generally starts from 1 yard for standard colors and 5 yards for custom printing. There is a maximum order quantity for samples, which is usually 20 yards.
  • Sampling orders allow you to confirm fabric quality before committing wholesale or bulk purchases.

Wholesale Stock MOQ:

  • This is the minimum order to purchase wholesale fabric from the existing stock our sellers have. If the fabric is readily available, your order will be fulfilled right away.
  • Most items can be ordered from 21 yards, but some may require a higher MOQ, generally around 50 yards.
  • You can view the recently confirmed stock level or request a stock-check for specific colors online to ensure our sellers have enough to fulfill your order.

New Batch MOQ:

  • This is the minimum order required to initiate reproduction when the fabric you want is either out of stock or your order quantity exceeds the stock our sellers have.
  • New Batch MOQ varies by fabric. Some items may be available for new batch production with a MOQ as low as 50 yards, and others may require a MOQ of 100-1,000 yards.


You can see all the MOQs on each item detail page, along with the pricing and shipping info.


To summarize:

✅ Check stock availability before ordering is highly recommended.
✅ Yardage samples are available from 1 yard, which allows you to confirm fabric quality.
✅ For wholesale purchases, you can order fabrics from 21 yards in general.
✅ New Batch MOQ will apply if the stock the sellers have is not enough to fulfill your order.