[U.S. Only] Custom Duty free orders

At SwatchOn, we make importing easy and simple.

We prepare all the custom forms and documents you need so that clearing your shipment through customs in seamless. 


If you are making shipments to the United States please refer to the information below:

The following table summarizes the general terms of the sales & import fee policies of the U.S., but there may be exceptions. However, you do not need to worry about these exceptions because we are willing to cover all fees to make sure your orders are tax free.

Sales Tax and Import/Custom Fees for goods imported to the US
Tax rate
Sales Tax
  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP) does not collect state sales tax on goods imported into U.S.
  • However, CBP will make entries and CBP declarations are available to state tax representatives if requested. Some states occasionally review these documents and send letters to importers and travellers notifying them that they owe state taxes.
Custom Duty for orders less than $800 0%
  • Important : The shipment must be imported by one person on one day; The importer must provide evidence of the value by an oral declaration or the bill of lading.
Custom Duty for orders over $800
(excluding shipping fees)
Approx. 8%
  • Differs between fabric types


Orders above $800, the customs duty is estimated to be approximately 8%

Orders less than $800, your order will be DUTY FREE (No Sales Tax, Custom & Import Fees, etc.).

For fabric orders that is less than $800, you will be able to receive you order TAX FREE
(Sales Tax, Custom fees, Import fees, etc).
  • Your order must be less than $800 (excluding shipping).
  • Shipment destination must be to United States of America.
  • Please make sure you do not have any other import goods shipped to you the same day you expect your order to be received.
  • Your orders will be sent as DDP (delivered duty paid) which means that you will never be requested to pay any additional fees from the customs.


At SwatchOn, we provide an import fee estimation during the check out process so that you can check your fees beforehand.


Example of import fee estimation