How long does shipping take?

Shipping Country:

We ship to over 50+ countries.


Fabric Order Lead Time:

It depends, and the order processing time can be found on each product detail page. (The order processing time can differ following the quantity you order.)

However, if the product is out of stock, we may need to wait a couple more days to wait for it to get re-stocked or re-produced.


SwatchBox Order Lead Time:

Swatch Box orders usually take 4-7 business days until delivery. 


How to expedite shipping:

We offer a DHL air express plan, so you can choose the "Air Express" option during your checkout. 

Also, here are the ways to expedite the order process further:

  1. Immediately respond to all emails we send you. We may need to ask you to make a decision regarding your order!
  2. Email us and tell us that your order is urgent. Our Customer Experience team may be able to help expedite your order process by alerting our fabric suppliers.