SwatchBox - fabric sample swatches

What is SwatchBox?

Swatches are fabric samples. One of the main frustrations of ordering fabric online is that you cannot touch and feel the fabrics in person! 

SwatchOn is proud of its SwatchBox service, where you can build your own customized SwatchBox by selecting which fabric samples(swatches) you would like to see in person. We strongly encourage you to order fabric samples before ordering fabric yardage.




What are Swatch Bundles, and what size are they?

  • Swatch Bundles include EVERY color available in a particular fabric item or quality (An average Swatch Bundle has 12 swatches per bundle).
  • Each color swatch samples are approximately 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches).


How much is a SwatchBox?

  • SwatchBox Fee$1.5 per swatch bundle (avg 13 cents per swatch)
  • Shipping Fee: FREE at all times.

How long is the lead time for Swatch Box orders?

For Swatch Box (fabric sample) orders, the lead time is usually 5-10 business days until delivery.