Bulk Order Discounts/Quotations

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity depends on each fabric. You can find the MOQ for each product on the item detail page.


Price Policy

  • Price gets lower depending on order quantity per color.
  • Prices and applicable quantities are indicated online for each product.
  • Purchasing multiple colors under the same item that adds up to the quantity for a lower price does not qualify for the pricing.


Bulk Orders

  • You may get a separate quote with a higher discount for bulk orders. 
  • The quantity eligible for bulk order discount differs per item and is also indicated on each item detail page. 
  • In addition to the above, we've managed to receive lower rates from DHL for bulk-weight orders. Ship rates (air-courier) are now 30~35% lower for bulk-weight orders.


How can I request bulk pricing?

  1. On the item details page, click on the [Pricing] button. Check the required quantity for a separate quote, and click on the [Inquire bulk pricing] button.


  1. Enter an ‘Order amount’ equal to or greater than the required bulk order quantity specified for each product, as well as the number of colors you want to order. Take note of the following and click [Request]. Your quotation request will be sent to the supplier directly.


  1. You will receive an email when the supplier quoted a discounted rate for your order. You can view the pricing by clicking on the link provided in the email, or you can visit our website and check it out under [My Page] - [Bulk Pricing]. 


All bulk quotation requests can also be conveniently reviewed on the same page.


How can I order with the quoted pricing?

You can place your order directly on the same page. Or go to [Bulk Pricing] tap.

1. Select the product code and enter the order quantity. 

2. Choose the shipping information and check the total amount of your order. 

3. Continue to "CHECK OUT"

Please note on below;

  • The order quantity must be equal to or greater than the quoted quantity.
  • The quotation has a validity period. If the due date passes, you will need to request a new quotation.

Contact us at support@swatchon.com if you have any questions.