What is your refund policy?

Although Swatch On takes every step necessary to assure accurate representation of items displayed online, please understand that the photos provided may not fully represent the true color or nature of a particular item. Due to this discrepancy, we recommend you to request a sample before purchasing fabrics from our online store.

  1. It cannot be guaranteed that the swatch samples and the actual product will be the exact same color due to dye-lot-variations. We will notify you regarding dye-lot variations beforehand if there is a large difference.
  2. It cannot be guaranteed that each yard is exactly 91.4 cm. Since we cannot make refunds for differences less than 10 cm per yard for orders less than 10 yards, it is advised to order at least 1 yard extra just in case. Refunds are not permitted after fabric goods have been cut. All sales are final.

If you realize that you have made a mistake after placing an order and you wish to make changes, please email us immediately, referencing your order number. We will do our best to satisfy your request, but only on the condition that the fabrics of your order have not been cut.

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