What is your refund policy?

Although SwatchOn takes every step necessary to ensure the accurate representation of items displayed online, please understand that the photos provided may not fully represent the true color or nature of a particular item. Due to this discrepancy, we recommend you request a sample before purchasing fabrics from our online store.
If you realize that you have made a mistake after placing an order and wish to make changes, please email us immediately, referencing your order number. We will do our best to satisfy your request, but only on the condition that the fabrics of your order have not been cut.

Read our terms and conditions.


    • As a wholesale marketplace for fabric manufacturers and sellers, SwatchOn limits its customer base to wholesale buyers to safeguard the marketplace and its sellers.
    • Membership and order placement with SwatchOn is limited to established companies that regularly consume fabric in bulk.
    • SwatchOn may request company and business information to verify compliance with membership criteria.
    • SwatchOn reserves the right to accept or terminate a buyer's membership at its sole discretion.
    • Color Differences
      • While we make every effort to represent the items displayed on our website accurately, please be aware that the provided videos or photos may not fully depict the true color or nature of a particular item. Due to this potential discrepancy, we strongly recommend that you request a sample prior to purchasing fabrics from our online store.
      • Batch-to-batch variations may cause variations in color between different orders of the same product. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that every order of a product will be an exact match.
    • Product Quality
      • It is possible that fabric products may have defects in the yardage. If defects frequently occur throughout the yardage, it may be considered low quality but not critically damaged.
      • The seller of the product is responsible for its quality and not SwatchOn. SwatchOn does not provide any guarantee for the quality of the product.
      • We strongly recommend placing sample orders before making bulk orders to ensure that the quality and pricing of the product meet your expectations.

  • Payments
    • Payment Methods
      • Credit and debit card payments are accepted as standard payment methods.
      • Wire transfer or ACH payments are available for orders that exceed a certain payment threshold.
    • Installment Payments
      • We may offer installment payment plans for orders that exceed a certain amount.
      • The determination of the down payment amount is solely at the discretion of SwatchOn.
      • All outstanding payments must be settled prior to the shipping of the goods.
      • If the outstanding payment is not settled within the specified period of time, the order may be canceled, and the down payment will not be refunded.
  • Refunds
    • Refund Conditions
      • We cannot issue refunds for products that have been cut. To be eligible for a refund, the products must be returned in their original condition.
      • We are unable to issue refunds for orders 14 days after delivery has been confirmed.
      • We do not provide refunds solely based on the product not meeting your expectations in terms of quality.
      • Compensation for critical damages to the product, such as torn fabric or a critical shortage of amount, can be requested within 14 days after delivery.
    • Refund Methods
      • Refunds shall be credited to the original payment method used by the payer.