Search for Fabrics Using “Filters” on SwatchOn

The most comprehensive way to search SwatchOn’s fabric library is by starting with ALL ITEMS.

Next, you’ll see various filters you can search with – this helps you get really specific with your search:


What does each Filter mean?

  • Fabric Type: Here, you select Knits or Wovens to begin
  • Fiber Content: This filters by the material makeup of fabrics, such as Cotton, Linen, Nylon, Silk...etc.
  • Weight and Width: Here you can select a range for fabric weight or fabric width you'd like
  • Color: A great place to start if you have a specific palette
  • Characteristics: Begin here if you’re looking for specific fabrics like Pleated, Waxed, Reflective
  • Performance: This is where you can get specific with features like Anti-Microbial or Quick Dry

Start with filters: They’re a great way to find what you’re looking for on SwatchOn.


Utilize the Search Bar to find fabrics

Many of our members use the Search Bar to find fabrics. Just type in what you’re looking for and hit “return” or "enter," and relevant options will appear in a drop-down. Then, you can check the box next to all fabric options you’d like to see in your search.

This example shows what appears when you type in "Anti-microbial"


Try Image Search (in the Search Bar!)

Please see our FAQ about Image's a great way to find fabrics visually!


Use Filters to see fabrics for Digital Printing

Interested in Digital Printing? You can create incredible custom prints and patterns for your next look on more than nine different fabric types:

Silk, Cotton Woven, Cotton Jersey, Wool, Linen, Viscose Rayon, Lining, Polyester, etc.

Check out the fabrics available for printing just by clicking the filter button for Digital Printing: