Customized Digital Printing

You can create incredible custom prints and patterns for your next look on all of these fabric types at SwatchOn: Silk, Cotton Woven, Wool, Linen, Viscose Rayon, Lining, Polyester, etc.




Where can I see the fabric QL options for printing?

When you’re logged in to SwatchOn, the quickest way to see all fabric QLs you can print on is by selecting “Custom Print” in the search filters HERE.


How good is the print quality?

Our suppliers are printing with the widest color-gamut, which creates brilliant, sharp prints. And they’re using the latest inks, which means greater colorfastness. They use either Pigment Dye, Sublimation, or Reactive/Acid Dye, depending on the fabric type.


What about sustainability and Digital Printing?

Some suppliers use pigment dye, sublimation, and reactive dye technologies, which are more sustainable than traditional analog alternatives like screen printing, which wastes a bunch of water. Our digital textile printing solutions use smaller quantities of color (90% less than screen printing). 


How do I begin Digital Printing?


Now that you know how the colors look, print your own artwork in small quantities(, the majority of printable fabrics have 5 yards minimums,) to test it out. You just can upload the image you have during your checkout. 

File Requirements
1. Size limit: 50MB
2. Format: JPG or JPEG
3. Color mode: CMYK
4. Resolution: 72 DPI or up
5. Color profile: Ensure that you select 'Embed Color Profile' before saving as JPEG format on Adobe Photoshop
6. Artwork's Width:
     a. If the width is smaller than the fabric width, it will be horizontally repeated.
     b. If the width matches the fabric width, it will not be repeated horizontally.
     c. If the width is larger than the fabric width, it will be adjusted to fit with a fixed ratio.
7. Artwork's Height (or adjusted height to fit the fabric width):
     a. If the height is smaller than the order quantity, it will be vertically repeated.
     b. If the height matches the order quantity, it will not be repeated vertically.
     c. If the height is larger than the order quantity, the excess area will be cut.



If your sample work, order for production.