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Swatch Orders

  • A Swatch Order is a Box of Fabric Samples
        One of the biggest frustrations in ordering fabric online is that you cannot touch and feel the fabric in person first.  Well, we solved that problem. 🙂   What are “swatch” and “swatch books”  First off, “fabric sample” = "swatch” in SwatchOn lingo. When you request a swatch sample on our website, you get the entire swatch book, which includes EVERY color available in that particular fabri...
  • What are Swatch Points?
    What are Swatch Points? Swatch Points are credits used to order Swatch samples!   How can I get Swatch Points? You will be given Swatch Points when you complete setting up your business profile. You will earn additional Swatch Points by placing Wholesale Orders. 1 Swatch Point is credited for every $50 of wholesale fabric purchased (per color).   FAQ How many Swatch Points do I have? You...

Fabric Orders

  • How to Order Fabric Yardages
      1. Search for Fabrics Utilize the various filters located on the left-hand side of the website to search for fabrics.   2. Choose Order Type You will have options to select the type of order on an item detail page. Standard Colors: Pre-dyed colors offered by suppliers.  Custom Print: Custom printing is available Custom Dye: Custom color is available * Note: ‘Custom Print’ and ‘Custom Dye’ ...
  • How long is the lead time for fabric orders?
    Fabric Order Lead Time: It depends. Go to each item detail page. You will find the estimated order processing and transit time for each order type.      
  • Re-ordering and fabric availability
    Fabric products will be available for re-order in the future most of the time, as we only carry styles that our suppliers produce regularly.   However, in rare cases, your chosen product may be unavailable. Stock levels may fluctuate, and availability may not be guaranteed at the time of your order. Stock shortages may result in the supplier reproducing a new batch; however, in some cases, the...
  • Adding fabric products to recent order.
    If your order has not been shipped yet, you can add products to your on-going order. (Fabric orders only)Please email us at with the following information, and we will send you an additional payment link. Make sure to send us the exact PD Code (PD-XXXXXX) and quantity in YARDS.

Fabric Customization

  • Customized Digital Printing
    You can create incredible custom prints and patterns for your next look on all of these fabric types at SwatchOn: Silk, Cotton Woven, Wool, Linen, Viscose Rayon, Lining, Polyester, etc.     Where can I see the fabric QL options for printing? When you’re logged in to SwatchOn, the quickest way to see all fabric QLs you can print on is by selecting “Custom Print” in the search filters HERE.   Ho...
  • Creating custom color fabric/custom dye
      We provide Custom Dye Service for over 3,000 fabrics on our site. You can search for fabrics available for custom color/dye by selecting “Custom Dye” in the search filters HERE. Some custom dye MOQs start as low as 300 yards per color, and there are no surcharges. From Pantone® color-matching to brand-specific colors, our custom dye service makes the most subtle hues a reality. We work di...
  • I have a problem uploading the artwork file for printing order.
    To move forward with the printing, the requirements for the artwork file are the same as below: 1. Size limit: 50MB2. Format: JPG or JPEG3. Color mode: CMYK4. Resolution: 72 DPI or up5. Color profile: Ensure that you select 'Embed Color Profile' before saving as JPEG format on Adobe Photoshop6. Artwork's Width:     a. If the width is smaller than the fabric width, it will be horizontally repeat...
  • How do I change the color mode of my artwork file for digital printing?
    The color mode of your artwork file should be CMYK to process your printing. Kindly open your file in Photoshop and tap [Image] > [Mode] > [CMYK Color]. Please save a copy as JPEG/JPG. This will enable you to upload the file through our website.  


  • What is Payment Processing Fee?
    What is a Payment Processing Fee? A payment processing fee is applied to process transactions when you pay with a debit/credit card.   Processing Fee Breakdown: The fee will vary depending on the card you use: 2.5% for credit cards issued in the United States (US) 3.5% for credit cards issued outside the United States (non-US) ✅ NO processing fee for sample orders, regardless of the payment m...
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We offer various payment methods to make your ordering process as convenient as possible. Here's an overview of the payment methods available based on your order type.   Swatch Orders Swatch samples can only be ordered by using Swatch Points.  Fabric Orders (Sample and Wholesale) Debit card Credit card Bank transfer ACH/Wire for US bank account holders Swift for non-US customers  Fabric Cre...


  • Modification of Orders
    If you realize that you have made a mistake after placing an order and wish to make changes, please email us at immediately, referencing your order number. We will do our best to satisfy your request, but only on the condition that the fabrics of your order have not been cut.   Read our terms and conditions.  
  • What is your return/exchange policy?
    Exchanges We will exchange your fabrics in the unlikely event that you have received damaged, defective, or incorrect fabrics. If this is the case, please email us at immediately within 14 days of receiving your goods. Refunds Refund Conditions We cannot issue refunds for products that have been cut. To be eligible for a refund, the products must be returned in their origin...