How to Order Fabric Yardages


1. Search for Fabrics

Utilize the various filters located on the left-hand side of the website to search for fabrics.


2. Choose Order Type

You will have options to select the type of order on an item detail page.

  • Standard Colors: Pre-dyed colors offered by suppliers. 
  • Custom Print: Custom printing is available
  • Custom Dye: Custom color is available

* Note: ‘Custom Print’ and ‘Custom Dye’ will only appear if these are available. You can search for printable or custom-color available fabrics by applying each filter on the search page.


3. View Full Pricing

Click on each option under the “View Full Pricing” button to find the price and processing time by order quantity. 


4. Placing an Order

To place an order, select the order type and color option, and enter the order quantity. Then click on [ADD TO CART].

5. Shipping and Checkout

In your cart, select the destination country, shipping method, incoterm, and your preferred courier. Your shipping fee will be automatically calculated accordingly. When you're ready, click on [PROCEED TO CHECKOUT]. 


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