How to Order Fabric Yardages

  1. Search for fabrics by using various filters located on the left-hand side of the website.


  1. When you click on fabric, there are three possible fabric order options.

* ‘Custom Print’ and ‘Custom Dye’ will appear on the item detail page only if the fabric is available for those options.


  1. Click on each option to check information about price and processing time by order amount. You can check the estimated shipping details by clicking where the blue arrow is pointing in the screenshot below.


  1. To place an order, select the order type, color option and enter the order quantity. Then click on [ADD TO CART]

  2. If you want to request sample yardage below the MOQ, click on the [Request yardage samples] button.

    Please ensure to take note of the following, and continue.

    Read more articles about Get Swatch Book and Inquire Bulk Pricing.

  3. In your Fabric Cart, select the country that you wish to ship to. The shipping fee will be automatically calculated in your cart, following the shipping method and Incoterms you choose.


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