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  • A Swatch Order is a Box of Fabric Samples
        One of the biggest frustrations in ordering fabric online is that you cannot touch and feel the fabric in person first.  Well, we solved that problem. 🙂   What are “swatch” and “swatch books”  First off, “fabric sample” = “swatch” in SwatchOn lingo. When you request a swatch sample on our website, you get the entire swatch book, which includes EVERY color available in that particular fabri...
  • What are Swatch Points?
    What are Swatch Points? Swatch Points are credits used to order Swatch samples!   How can I get Swatch Points? You will be given Swatch Points when you complete your business verification. You may earn additional Swatch Points by placing Wholesale Orders. 1 Swatch Point is credited for every $50 of wholesale fabric purchased (per color).   FAQ How many Swatch Points do I have? You can ke...