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  • Do you ship to my country?
    Shipping Countries We ship to over 50+ countries. Click here to see the shipping countries.
  • How long does shipping take?
    For Swatch Orders: For swatches, it usually takes 2-3 business days until delivery.   For Fabric Orders: It depends on the order type and quantity you order. The specific processing time can be found on each item detail page.     How to expedite shipping: Here are the ways to expedite the order process further: Immediately respond to all emails we send you. We may need to ask you to make a de...
  • How do you support customs clearance?
    We will provide shipment-related documents for customs clearance. The required documents will be automatically sent to shipping couriers when your order ships. Your sourcing manager will keep an eye on your shipment until it arrives at your door; however, you can contact us at anytime if you need more help!