What are Swatch Points?

What are Swatch Points?

Swatch Points are credits used to order Swatch samples!


How can I get Swatch Points?

  • You will be given Swatch Points when you complete your business verification.
  • You may earn additional Swatch Points by placing Wholesale Orders.
    • 1 Swatch Point is credited for every $50 of wholesale fabric purchased (per color).



  • How many Swatch Points do I have?
    • You can keep track of your current Swatch Point Balance and History on your account page
  • Can I purchase Swatch Points?
    • No, Swatch Points are not available for sale.
  • Can I earn Swatch Points if I haven't completed the business verification process?
    • Yes, even without business verification, you can still earn Swatch Points. For every $50 of wholesale fabric purchased per color, you will receive 1 Swatch Point. These Swatch Points can be used to order Swatch samples.
  • How can I order more swatches if I am out of Swatch Points?
    • If you are out of Swatch Points, please email your Sourcing Manager.
    • Your Sourcing Manager will then review your account history and provide assistance.