A SwatchBox is a Box of Fabric Samples




One of the biggest frustrations in ordering fabric online is that you cannot touch and feel the fabric in person first. 

Well, we solved that problem. 🙂


How do SwatchBoxes work?

First off, “fabric sample” = “swatch” in SwatchOn lingo. And, you can build your own customized SwatchBox filled with swatches of your choice, so you can feel and test out fabric in person before you decide on yardage for sampling or production. Just click the "Request Swatch" on any fabric QL page, and the swatch is added to your cart.


What are swatch “bundles,” and what size are swatches?

  • When you order a swatch, you get the entire swatch bundle, which includes EVERY color available in that particular fabric item or fabric quality (An average swatch bundle has 12 swatches per bundle). For instance, if you order a swatch of blue satin from QL-014187, you get all 25 colorways in a swatch bundle.
  • Every swatch in a bundle is approximately 10 cm x 10 cm (4 x 4 inches)

How much is a SwatchBox, and what are Swatch Points?

  • Swatch Points are the only way to order the swatch bundles.
  • You will be given Swatch Points upon sign-up.
  • You may earn additional Swatch Points by placing bulk fabric orders. 1 Swatch Point is credited for every $20 of bulk fabric purchased (per color).

How long does it take to get my SwatchBox?

  • You can usually expect to receive your SwatchBox within 4-7 business days (depending on where you live).