[Non-U.S./Non-Canada Countries] Customs Duties/Taxes Guide

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We prepare all the customs forms and documents you need so that clearing your shipment through customs is seamless. 


Customs Duties/Taxes Invoice Example (Non-U.S. / Non-Canada countries only)


① Customs Duty
Customs duty may or may not be collected, and it is up to local customs authorities to use their discretion in setting charges. In general, the customs rates are approximately 8% and differ by the type of fabric. It is your responsibility to respond quickly to calls and emails from the carrier service and make payments if requested.

② Sales Tax (VAT)
If you are a business and have an official business registration number, you will be able to get a sales tax refund from your country. Please contact your accountant or National Tax Service for instructions.

③ Charging and Handling Fee (DPF)
Make sure you are aware of the processing fee (DPF) you may be charged by the courier service in some cases. This is the fee that the courier service charges for processing your customs clearance quickly and making an advance payment to customs to allow them to release your package for delivery.

For instance, in the case of the United Kingdom, DPF is a flat rate of £20 if the amount of customs duty & sales tax paid to customs is less than £400. For amounts beyond £400, it costs 5% of the amount invoiced with a maximum charge of £500.